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5 renovation trends coming our way in 2021!

Like the last guest at a party who can't take a hint, an annoying contestant on your favourite reality show or those lazy neighbours who never do the lawns, nobody was sad to see 2020 go. While spending more time at home hasn't always been great, it has given us all plenty of time to dream big when it comes to changing things up for life as we know it. Need a bit of inspo to help you get with the times? Here are five renovation trends that will shape plenty of fit outs, additions and tear downs in 2021.

1) Putting the 'spa' in your space

We know, we know. You love your kids, pets and partner. But sometimes you just need to look out for number one and treat yo'self. With more time at home – and less time out and about practicing good self care – it's important to have a place where you can escape and unwind. Many are making that space the bathroom. Adding a new bath to soak in and a bit of greenery (orchids, peace lilies and snake plants all love humidity) can provide the sweet sanctuary you deserve.

2) Clean up your laundry

Similar to other areas of the home, people are starting to realise laundry areas are bursting with reno potential. Boring, traditional laundries are out, replaced with colourful, functional cleaning spaces. Splashbacks made of colourful tiles are helping Australians re-energise these oft-forgotten utility spaces. Nobody will confuse your laundry for the Louvre, but the right tiles can be little works of art in themselves and go great with new laundry taps and a sleek new laundry sink.

3) New year, new you, new kitchen

Listen, I think we've all heard enough about sourdough starters and homemade banana bread. Luckily they're not the only new things to hit the kitchen the past few months. Sick of staring at the same old cooking space? So are plenty of other homeowners. That's why colour is king in Australian kitchens this year. Whether it's refreshing the cabinets with a vibrant coat of paint that complements your sharp new tapware or replacing tired benchtops with new marble or tile, some relatively small renovations can provide a whole new vibe to match your culinary prowess.

4) Flexibility and freedom

Our homes have become much more than where we binge Friends and keep all our stuff. They're also offices, classrooms, restaurants and workout studios, amongst other things. That's why there's a big shift to creating rooms that can play a range of roles in everyday life. Adding temporary walls that can be pulled out to section off a room, panels that can open and close to store tech, books and other bits and pieces and easy-to-use storage solutions can make your place as flexible as you need it to be. The same goes for adding bench space that can be used for food prep, eating and work.

5) Going greener

Another trend set to breathe new life into homes around Australia is environmentally conscious renos. When planning your changes, are there ways you can harness or limit the sun's power so you don't have to run the air con as much? Can you make space in your kitchen or laundry for new smart devices that will help you save electricity, or implement new plumbing measures to help conserve water? For example, one easy place to start is your taps. If yours are a bit older, chances are they're spitting out water at an unnecessary – and maybe even environmentally unfriendly – rate. Consider upgrading with ones that not only look sharp, but also have a strong WELS rating, which measures how many litres are dispensed per minute. That way you can choose something that's water efficient and can save you a few bucks in the long run – and even help fund even more renos!

It's time to embrace change and put all that planning you've done into action. Check out the great range of Clark products and find pieces that can help you take these 2021 trends to the next level.