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Creating a family-friendly bathroom

Got kids? Then creating a family-friendly bathroom is a must – not only from a practicality standpoint but for your own sanity over the years to come!

This is a space where you’ll be helping your little ones take baths, learn how to brush their teeth and start using the toilet all by themselves. But it’s also a room you’ll be using yourself every day. So it’s important to weigh up safety and practicality with a welcoming and relaxing vibe.

Here’s how you can create a family-friendly bathroom that caters to your needs as well as your kids.


Where did all that storage space go?

Any parent will attest to the fact that when you have kids, storage space just starts to disappear. All that room you used to have in your home is now cluttered with clothes, toys and well, stuff! So when reimagining your family-friendly bathroom, make sure your storage needs are front-and-centre.

It’s a certainty that your children will end up accumulating lots of bath toys, bubble bath soap, towels and more, which means parents need enough space to keep everything organised and within reach. Hooks, caddies and shelves are useful additions for extra storage – both wall hooks and robe hooks can add an instant splash of usefulness to your bathroom. Plus, when you install shelving and hooks at a lower level it means your kids will be able to reach them without needing your help, promoting their independence.

When choosing between various storage solutions, make sure you think about durability, safety and accessibility. For instance, installing glass shelves is just a recipe for disaster. Instead, go for sturdier materials that will also elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom. The CLARK Square Wall Caddy can be installed directly onto a wall inside your shower to keep your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more neatly organised. Alternatively, you might prefer to install the slimline Round Metal Shelf outside of your shower for various other storage needs.

Embrace your versatile side

The next crucial feature of your family-friendly bathroom? Versatility! Bathrooms should be designed to accommodate the needs of everyone, regardless of age. Our Round II Rail Shower with Overhead features a rail slider for easy height adjustments to suit all shapes and sizes, while your little ones can use the hand-held showerhead to rinse off on their own.

In terms of choosing the most appropriate bathroom fixtures, avoid products that are specifically designed for kids. While your children will love them, they probably won’t be very practical or grown-ups, plus they will need replacing as your kids get older. Instead, invest in durable and adaptable fixtures like showerheads with adjustable settings.

Functionality is king

Don’t forget about functionality for your family-friendly bathroom. The ultimate renovation will deliver a space that is highly functional without compromising safety or comfort. The CLARK Square Toilet Roll Holder with Shelf, for example, is perfect for family bathrooms. The shelf gives you extra storage space for things like baby wipes, tissues or hand sanitiser, while the holder ensures toilet paper is always within easy reach.

Also factor in any accessibility needs for your family. Little ones may need some extra assistance when reaching for the sink or trying to flush the toilet. So consider adding step stools, toilet training seats and bath mats to give everyone in your home some extra peace of mind.

Is it worth all the effort?

Yes! Creating a family-friendly bathroom can take a bit of effort, but it’s not rocket science! With a bit of careful consideration about the needs of both parents and kids, you can enjoy a bathroom that is safer, more comfortable and incredibly practical for every member of your household.


Keen to get started on your family-friendly bathroom renovation? A successful project starts and ends with quality products – so find a CLARK stockist today and turn your existing bathroom into the most practical room in the house.