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Jessica Viscarde’s Top Tips For Planning Your Laundry Reno!

The laundry is a space that is often neglected or thought of last in a home design, or on the flipside its the room that generally always requires a refresh of some sort.

The laundry, whatever the size you have in your home (from a compact Euro style to a separate laundry room) needs to function well. Everyone does laundry and the processes may slightly differ but it generally consists of washing, drying, folding, soaking ….. Repeat! It’s a space you may actually spend a bit of time in, so why not create a room that functions well and looks good?

The team at CLARK have a huge range of versatile products that are not only affordable but look good and hit the high notes on quality. They have been mindful to design pieces that can be easily changed over and replace your old fittings without too much trouble.

Here are my top tips to consider when refreshing your laundry:

1. Think about how you will use the space.

Are you a hand washer? Or more throw it all in the machine and run away kind of person? Do you prefer to fold your laundry in the room or keep it in a wash basket? Will you store other goods in the laundry like sporting equipment or bed linen? Make a quick list of all the tasks you would usually do in the laundry. You can even get a small fold-out ironing board that packs away neatly in the cabinetry when not in use! Laundries are also transforming into mudrooms and utility spaces, where you can store your everyday shoes, jackets, and school backpacks, so make a list of the type of things you would also like to store in here size permitting.

Considerations on thinking about the function first will ensure you start to plan a space that works for you and your lifestyle. It will also help you make decisions on your fittings and fixtures based on these answers, such as the size of your laundry tub. If you love to soak delicates or have larger things to clean, choose the largest tub size your room allows for. CLARK has many sizes available, which makes it super easy to choose from.

These include the CLARK 45L vs the CLARK 35L or the compact but functional CLARK 25L

2. Plan the layout

Measure the room wall to wall and take note of the ceiling heights. Look if there are there any windows or existing fixtures like wall heaters that may inhibit the design and jot down where existing plumbing and pipes and electrical are located. Remember to measure the washer and dryer you will be bringing into the space and consider whether these will be stacked or sit side by side. Remember the best way to save money is to keep the existing plumbing where it is, even more so if you’re in an apartment and have people above or below you.

3. Choose a style for your laundry

This is the fun part! Imagine how you would like your laundry to look. Gone are the days the laundry has to be all white, it’s become a space you can have fun and add a personal touch to. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the rest of your home and maintain a common thread for consistency, but you can certainly add colour, change up the splashback tiles, update fittings or add coloured or timber grain cabinetry.

Start compiling your favourite images of laundry rooms and determine what the common theme of the inspiration is. Is it timber grain cabinetry? Black fittings? Or lots of enclosed storage? This will help guide your choices and keep you on track when making the selections.

CLARK has beautiful Chrome and Matte Black fittings to choose from, and the great thing is these finishes can lend themselves to a myriad of interior styles. Polished chrome works well for your classic and timeless looks and matte black can add a much-needed modern contrast or can work with heritage homes too.

CLARK products have been designed with quick replacements in mind such as the Lever Wall Set sink - Chrome which also comes in Lever Wall Set sink - Black. These can be a simple replacement for a common 3 piece laundry set!