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How to maximise space in your bathroom reno.

In a perfect world, three day weekends would be the norm, chocolate would have 0 calories and our houses would resemble a Kardashian mansion. Unfortunately, reality is a little different, especially when you’re looking to fit a bath, shower, toilet, vanity, large feature light and every scented candle that you’ve ever been gifted into a small space.

This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for anything less than what your bathroom (so rightly) deserves! With a little planning you can make choices that will get the most out of the space you have and still manage to deliver a knock-out bathroom design.


Shine Bright like a Diamond.

Light, white and bright are your three best friends when it comes to small spaces. Lighter tones create the feeling of more space in a room whereas darker colours can be restricting in a small area. You can brighten up your bathroom by opting for white or light coloured tiles and extending them to the ceiling if your budget allows. If it doesn’t, painting the walls in a similar colour to the wall tiles can be a cheaper option that will create a similar effect. Depending on where your bathroom is located, embracing windows or skylights are another way to incorporate natural lighting.


Same, same, but different.

Sometimes the ideal fixture that you want just isn’t going to fit in the space you’re working with, though this doesn’t always mean that you have to comprise on your design. In these situations, doing a bit of research can reveal a similar looking product that suits your space perfectly. For example, if a freestanding bath is non-negotiable, choose a design that will compliment your space. A Back to Wall Free Standing Bath will ensure you get the bath and the overall look you want, while maximizing space in the bathroom by being installed back against the wall.


Slap on that Concealer.

One of the best ways to maximize the space in a small bathroom is to conceal as much as you can. Choosing a roller door instead of a traditional design still gives you all the privacy you need in your bathroom while freeing up space.

A pendant light can be used as a feature, but it might clutter up your bathroom depending on its size. Instead, you could leave the chandeliers to Sia and place lighting around the mirror to give your bathroom the ‘wow’ factor, without compromising on space.

Lastly, a wall basin with a bottle trap oozes sophistication and is less bulky than a vanity.  To gain back your bathroom storage, install concealed storage behind the mirror or place shelving at eye-level to hold beauty products.


Dial it back.

When it comes to choosing which fixtures should be installed in your bathroom, opt for the less is more approach. Can the toilet be installed outside of the bathroom? Is it necessary to squeeze in both a freestanding bath and shower? Understand what your “must haves” are for the space and work from there.


Go bold with your tapware.

It’s true, bathrooms look great when they have a feature. Sometimes it’s a painted wall, a fixture or even a bathtub filled with beer on any given Saturday night. If your tight on space, opt for a smaller feature that will have the maximum impact. Deciding to go bold with your tapware and choosing matte black will stand out and command attention, without compromising on space.