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Top Tips for Designing a Small Bathroom.

Layout + Function.

When designing a small bathroom, the most crucial step is nailing the layout, so pre-planning will ensure you are maximizing the space for practical storage and ease of use. Storage and function are paramount in a small space bathroom so make sure you consider practicalities and the daily activities you would do in the space.

Do you need a spot for the hairdryer? Do you prefer drawer storage to doors on the vanity? Will you need a niche or ledge to house your shampoo bottles?

The toilet placement can have limitations due to the pipework and waste, especially something to consider if living in an apartment and to move this could be costly or not feasible, so keep this in mind. Once the toilet is in a position that works and is relatively hidden (you want to try and avoid having it the first thing you see when entering the bathroom) you can then play around with the other fixtures such as the basin, shower and or bath.

In a small space, you may have to prioritise your non-negotiables as you mightn’t be able to fit absolutely everything in, however ensuring you have a functional layout is the best bet to ensuring a pleasing end result.

Less is More.

Avoid ‘over designing’ and trying to fit too many features and fittings into the space. Any good design, be it 2D or 3D, needs white space, or ‘breathing’ space. When it comes to a small bathroom, less is certainly more as it creates a calming space. Aim to balance function and storage with practicality and aesthetics. Sketch out possible placements for your main fixtures such as bath/shower, vanity, and toilet, then start to think where would you put your towel rail or hooks?

If you’re set on having a bath consider a shower over bath combination, there are contemporary ways of making these look great such as tiling the hob the same as the floor tiles and adding a minimal frameless shower screen.

Be Creative with Colour and Mirrors!

Mirrors are a clever tool to reflect light and can make a small space appear twice the size! Consider adding a full wall mirror where appropriate and think about what it will be reflecting, perhaps a beautiful wall of accent tiles?

Colour can also work to your advantage in a smaller bathroom. You could choose to accentuate the smaller feel and create a dark and moody vibe or in contrast, keep your colours light and bright to help the space feel larger.

Rock Those Curves!

Help reclaim some space by curving off the edges of your vanity and other sharper edges. A softened edge can give the illusion of space so you could replicate this for the bathroom mirror / shaving cabinet and tapware.

Wall Mounted Tapware.

If you can, opt for wall-mounted tapware. It’s a clever space saver, freeing up valuable space on your benchtop!