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Turn Your Renovation Dream of a Freestanding Bath into a Reality

By Hatch Renovations

There's something alluring about a freestanding bath. When we see one, we imagine candles, bubbles, and the perfect sunset backdrop to a relaxing evening. However, the idea of installing one in your home may seem like a pipe dream, confined to the grid of your favourite Instagram account, glossy design magazines and grand hotel rooms. But here's the great news: including a freestanding bath in your renovation project is more achievable than you might think.


Space isn’t necessarily a constraint. One of the significant misconceptions about freestanding baths is that they require more space than a traditional, built-in bath. Whilst these baths do require a small amount of space around them for full aesthetic impact, the Clark Round 1400mm Freestanding Bath will fit in even the most compact bathrooms!


Your Interior Designer can work out the best placement for the bath using digital space planning software. This is important when considering other factors like walking space and proximity to cabinetry, toilet or shower.


A common misconception of freestanding baths is that the plumbing is more complex than a built-in bath because the pipes might not be hidden by a wall or enclosure. However, this shouldn’t deter you! Many freestanding baths come with plumbing kits designed to make installation easier. Working with a certified plumber who is well-acquainted with freestanding baths will make sure it fits and functions perfectly. Your Interior Designer and plumber will work out what plumbing modifications will be provided early in the renovation process by assessing your existing plumbing layout.


Whilst freestanding baths can be a smidge pricier than built-in options, it’s essential to view this as an investment and not an extravagance. Looking at a high-quality (not necessarily expensive) freestanding bath from Clark can provide you with a feature that lasts for many years.


Freestanding baths offer a huge aesthetic payoff! They have curves in all the right places and come in a variety of shapes. Do you want a freestanding bath, but need somewhere to store your body wash/shampoo bottles? The Clark Round Back-to-Wall Freestanding Bath is the perfect solution, offering the freestanding look with a functional ledge. There are options available for corner baths in tight spaced bathrooms too!


Considering a freestanding bath is much like considering a piece of art. It’s a piece that enhances the space, creating a sense of luxury! It’s important to consider the aesthetics of your bathroom when choosing a freestanding bath.


It allows for more flexibility in designing the rest of the room as they are easy to install. You can also style around the bath with stools or side tables and décor, turning your bathroom into your own personalised oasis.


Having a freestanding bath doesn't have to remain a dream. With careful planning, professional guidance, and a willingness to invest in quality, you can incorporate this luxurious feature into your bathroom renovation. So go ahead and take the plunge; your dream bathroom is within reach!