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3 Tips for a pet-friendly renovation.

So, it's finally time for you (or some ace tradies )  to get to work on that ultimate renovation you've been dreaming of.

Swanky new WFH setup? Check. New play paradise for the kiddos? Check.

But, have you thought about your other beloved roommates? You know, the ones with 4 paws and a tail that dish up those sweet nuzzles when you need them most?

Here are a few ways you can make sure to keep your spaces safer – and more inviting – for your doggos, kitties and other furry friends around the house.

Keeping your pets in mind

Whether you’re planning or completing your reno – it's important to keep your four-legged friends in mind.

When you are planning your renovation, it's important to consider how it will impact your pet's day-to-day routines. Will your reno totally blow up their favourite sleeping spot? Or, will their feeding area even be in the same place?

To minimise the impact on your pets, you may need to start changing some behaviours, or at least where those behaviours take place, in the weeks leading up to demo day.

If you're doing a significant reno, you also need to consider what to do with your pets while the work is completed. It's important to ensure that they stay away from dangerous equipment and materials that may be used.

Tips for creating pet-friendly rooms

1. Keeping the kitchen safe

If there's one thing all pup parents and cat carers know, it's that our furry friends absolutely love getting their paws (and jaws) on any food they can. However, human food isn’t always safe for your pet’s insides.

One easy way to pet-proof your kitchen is to create an under-the-bench, concealed rubbish bin. Not only does it limit the possibility of your furry friend getting into your trash, but it also saves you valuable space (2 birds, 1 stone!).

Another way to pet-proof your kitchen is to use elevated shelving to keep food out of reach. This is important for keeping your pet from getting into your goods whilst you're not looking. If you’re lucky enough to have a climber, it may be wise to invest in some airtight jars and containers too!

2. Shower them with love

Getting outside with your dog and seeing its tail wagging with excitement is one of the best parts of being a pet owner. But, if they have a bit too much fun outdoors, you might want to wash the day away before it gets tracked all over the house.

Turn your bathroom into the perfect grooming room by adding a detachable shower head. Choosing something like CLARK’s Round Basic Hand Shower or CLARK’s Round Rail Shower (with an added overhead element for you humans) will give you the flexibility you need to clean your canine easily in your own bathroom.

Don't forget to install non-slip shower floors too! This will help you stay upright while getting down into the nitty-gritty.

3. A laundry everyone can love

As you know, we're obsessed with laundry renovations that add functionality to one of the more underrated areas of the home.

You can make the most out of your small space with strategically placed shelving and a compact laundry tub, leaving you with more real estate for the other things that will truly elevate your laundry.

One way to use up that extra space is by creating a dedicated space for your pets. Raise your bench or shelving to leave a spot for their bed, or build in a lower shelf into which you can integrate their food bowl or litter box.

If you've got the room, you can even build in a small shower space with a square hand shower for more doggie washing action.

Renos can be life-changing in all the right ways for both you and your pets if you factor them into your plans. Find a CLARK stockist today and make sure you have all the pieces you need for your next pet project.