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Small spaces, big dreams.

We're not going to sit here and tell you size doesn't matter – you do you and come to your own conclusions on that front. But size really might not be as all-important as you think when it comes to your home. Just because you feel short on square meters doesn't mean you have to make a bunch of hard calls on what to keep. And let's be honest, sometimes figuring out what sparks joy actually sparks the fiery flames of frustration and annoyance.

While you probably wouldn't mind a bit of upsizing action, or you might have some big-time reno dreams invading your sleep, there are plenty of things you can do now squeeze a bit more space and functionality out of your current place.

Keep it clean in the laundry

The laundry is often cramped quarters, home to dirty shoes, the vacuum, those old rags you can't bear to ditch and those cleaning supplies you keep buying but never use – not to mention your washer and dryer. Even though it's a bit of a catch-all for storage in your home, you can do a few things to get a bit more bang for your laundry space buck.

If you can, try to go with a front-loading washing machine for starters. This can make a huge space difference, as you can stack your dryer on top or use the top as extra bench space. The laundry tub is another essential, but make sure you have one that suits your space. Narrow models can slot nicely into corners, while storage space underneath is a great spot to stash those loose bottles of stain remover, bleach and other products that can quickly become scattered around your place. And, since every centimeter counts in the laundry, consider going with wall-mounted tapware above the laundry sink. This ties in nicely with one of the best ways to save space in the laundry – taking advantage of available wall space. Shelving, pull-out ironing boards and hooks on the back of the door can take your space-saving power to the max.

Whip up some space-saving magic in the kitchen.

Finding space for all your pots and pans – and leaving enough room for you to play MasterChef when whipping up your famous mushroom risotto – can be tough. We're sure you can cook-up a five-star mess when it's your turn on dinner duty.

The right kitchen accessories can give you the flexibility you need to maximise your humble kitchen space. For example, a stainless steel draining basket gives you drying power that lasts, with a surface-stealer that doesn't. Just bust it out when it's time to do the dishes, and stow it away for increased prepping space. And remember to look to the sky when trying to max out your kitchen. OK, maybe not to the sky, but similar to the laundry chat above, you want to make sure you're using the space available to you. Free-up more room in your cabinets by hanging your pots, pans and other tools from hooks on the wall, or install some classy shelving or hooks from the ceiling if possible.

Bonus bathroom room

You don't have to feel like you're showering in a closet or putting on makeup in a phone booth just because you don't have space for sprawling marble floors and his-and-hers jacuzzi tubs.

A round wall basin ticks a lot of space-saving boxes. Its ability to "float" frees up some room underneath. And its rounded edges are a sneaky way to cut down on some unnecessary material that chews up precious space in your size-challenged bathroom. If you're feeling cramped in the shower, see if you can play around with some recessed shelving. It might not require a massive reno, and can help you carve out a bit more space for your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and artisanal loofah collection.

Keenosbeanos for even more tips and tricks? Here are a few more ways to maximise space in your bathroom reno.

It's time to start thinking big about how to get the most out of the smaller spaces in your home. Find where to buy the essentials and accessories you need from Clark today and get ready to stretch a little longer and breathe a little easier.