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How to survive your renovation.

Dropping those annoying extra kilos. Staying in on a Friday night to pinch the pennies for that long overdue overseas trip. Giving up those extra hot chips to avoid a hangry partner's death stare. All are titanic struggles that require brutal sacrifices for delicious, just rewards at the end.

Your home reno can feel the same. Transforming your place might seem like a slog, but the results are more than worth it. Want to make sure you survive long enough to see it through? Here are a few tips and tricks for preparing for and persevering through your home renovation.

How to survive your renovation


Avoid budget blow-ups

Whether it's spreadsheets, scribbles or simply scanning your accounts, it's important to carefully assess your budget before setting out on your renovation journey—and then get ready for it to get blown up. Even the most primo planning won't always save you from pesky pitfalls that come with changing your home. Building some buffer (10 - 20%) into your budget can make all the difference to your sanity if things go wrong. Add some wiggle room in both your budget and your calendar for unforeseen add-ons and issues. With hiccups on the horizon, affordable basins, baths and other home essentials from CLARK can help you stay in the black even if things go pear shaped.

How to survive your renovation


Listen to your stomach

You grab a snack every 10 minutes to avoid doing work anyway, so surely you're not going to ignore your stomach during these times of upheaval in the home. Even if you're not forward-thinking maestro of menus, make sure you have a plan for cooking during your kitchen renos. Maybe it's time to get reacquainted with your BBQ or grab a small gas camping stove for your balcony or porch. And do you have a spot in your garage to put the fridge while the kitchen gets a makeover? Sort out your food plan so you're not dodging piles of pizza boxes and takeaway containers while the work's being done.


You + tradies = besties

How to survive your renovation

Even if your reno involves a lot of good old fashioned DIY, you're going to have to rely on the big guns for your plumbing, electrical and other bigger jobs. These professionals are geniuses with the tools, but even they can't read your mind. Make sure you're constantly communicating with them so they know what you want. And even if your reno starts to get to you, be nice! Good-natured, clear communication can be the difference between realising your reno dreams and reckoning with new nightmares. For some expert tips from our resident plumber, Ronnie, check out the Tips and Tricks on our How To section!


Run for cover

Unless you're doing a knock-down, drag-out rebuild or addition, there are going to be parts of your home that remain untouched. Keep it that way by making sure you cover them…and then cover them again. Consider a third layer just in case. Renos are usually dirty work. Covering your thoroughfares and the rest of your home as much as possible in plastic sheeting or other dust-proof material can help you avoid nasty surprises down the road.

Whether attempting to add value to your home or just renovating the bathroom or other troublesome areas in your home, find out where to buy the fixtures, fittings and other pieces you need from your nearest CLARK stockist today!