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The first-time renovator's guide to bathtubs

Rub a dub dub, it's time to choose a tub.

From an indulgent post-work soak to washing your little one after another (messy) day at daycare or even your four-legged friend on a muddy day, your bath plays a big part in living a cleaner, calmer life.

Finding the perfect bath to meet all your needs is no easy feat. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Tub installation styles

As with everything from your shoes to your new sink, the style of your bath is just as important as how well it functions.

Here are three popular styles to consider:

  • Freestanding baths: A statement style that is becoming a more popular choice amongst households.
  • Alcove baths: A common style that easily slides into three purpose built walls.
  • Drop-in baths: A style that offers more flexibility in shape, size and design options.

Tub materials

Whether things are getting hot for a relaxing soak, cold for a post-gym cool down or somewhere in between, you need to know your tub is made of the right stuff.

Here are a few material options to consider when purchasing a bath:

  • Cast iron
  • Acrylic
  • Fibreglass
  • Porcelain-enamelled steel
  • Stone

Types of bath outlets and handles

Bath outlets and handles play a role in how your bath looks – and just what it can do.

Bath outlets are another name for the spout that water comes out of. The type of bath outlets you can install will be greatly influenced by your existing plumbing. If you have any questions about what might work best on that front, ask your plumber for guidance.

Wall-installed bath outlets are almost always a great shout. Here are a few types to consider:

Along with the bath outlet, you'll also want to get a handle on bath handles.

One popular option is to go with a wall mixer (also called a bath/shower mixer). These give you all your water flow and temperature control in one piece. Go one and done with the CLARK Round Pin Wall Mixer.

If you think two sounds more like you, you'll want to look for wall mounted bath handles. Here your main focus will be on shape. You can choose a cross style, such as the CLARK Cross Wall Top Assemblies, or a lever style such as CLARK Lever Wall Top Assemblies. Both look great – the choice just comes down to which one you prefer to get your hands on.

Tips of the trade

Now that you've flipped all the puzzle pieces right side up and have a better idea of what you're looking at, it's time to put them all together.

When purchasing a bath, your budget and timeline could play a role in what type of tub you decide on. For example, a heavy cast iron bath may require extra support underneath, which can cost extra time and money. But, fret not, you don't have to splash a ton of cash to spruce up your bathroom. The CLARK Round Back to Wall Freestanding Bath is a durable, light-weight option that looks great and turns any bathroom into the ultimate place to unwind instantly.

When you’re looking to maximise a small bathroom space, utilising the wall space around your bathtub is a must. The CLARK Square Wall Caddy or CLARK Square Metal Shelf will help you keep your space organised without compromising on style.

When selecting your bath, if you’re intending on using it as an all-purpose washing vessel (not only for yourself, but for the kids and pets as well) opting for a bath with overflow, like the CLARK Round Bath with Overflow, can help keep the water from splashing about too much.

Ready to upgrade your bath? Locate your nearest CLARK stockist today and find the perfect tub for your space and style.