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The first-time renovator's guide to taps

As with many things in life, a lot of times your dream reno is all about the details. And fewer details are more important than the tapware you add to your kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

With so much to discuss, there's no time to pout about spouts or mishandle handle choices! We've put together this guide to tapware to help you get the ideas (and water) flowing.

Tapware installation styles

When sketching out your reno plans (or just daydreaming about them – again), you already know which rooms you want to transform. But before you literally drill down, you need to drill down a bit deeper into your plans to think about where and how you will install your taps. 

There are three common installation styles:

  1. Wall: When the tapware is installed directly into the wall above your sink.
  2. Sink: When the tapware is installed directly into the sink itself. 
  3. Countertop: When the tapware is installed directly into the countertop itself.

Height matters

Another thing to think about is the height of your tap. 

Taller taps bring a contemporary look and provide extra wiggle room for washing, rinsing and filling. Shorter taps are great if the space around your sink is crowded.

We'll dig into which ones suit which renos best in a bit.

Getting a handle on your taps

Next comes which handles to pair with your tap. These can be a great way to express yourself style-wise.

Here are three of the most popular handle types:

  • Cross Head: Easy to grip, offers multiple shape and style options.
  • Lever: Easy to set the right temperature.
  • Knob: The sweet spot between form and function.

Finding the right type of tap

Everybody has a type. Now it's time to find yours when it comes to taps. Here are three common choices:

  • Mixer tap: Features one spout which both hot and cold water come out of. It usually has a single lever handle.
  • Extendable taps: Features a spout that can detach and extend from it’s installed fixture.
  • Pillar taps: Features separate spouts for hot and cold water to come out of.

Which tap is right for which room?

Now that we've got the basics nailed down, it's time to put them into action to help you visualise what your new tapware setup could look like. The space around your sink, and how you use your sink will help determine the best tap type and installation style.

Kitchen taps

The kitchen sink might be the most-used spout space in your home. So you want to make sure you outfit it with tapware that suits such busy business.

For example, you might want to install cabinets above the sink, which means a shorter fixture would be best suited. The CLARK Round Square Sink Mixer is shorter in height, and features a water outlet with 360° swivel rotation to make washing up in small spaces easier.

If you're a big-time cook, you may want a taller fixture that leaves plenty of room for washing bigger pots and pans. The CLARK Round Blade Sink Mixer not only looks great, but gives you plenty of room to wash larger items.

Bathroom taps

Bathroom tapware gives you a chance to combine style with function – a great-looking way to help you, your housemates and your guests keep things clean and tidy.

If you’re someone that values bench space when it comes to the bathroom, combining wall-installed tapware with a semi-recessed basin will free up space for all your essentials. The CLARK Cross Wall Basin/Bath Set adds a contemporary element to any bathroom (and it gets bonus points for being easy to grip even with soapy hands). 

If you’re looking to install a tap directly into your basin, the CLARK Round Pin Basin Mixer or CLARK Round Square Basin Mixer. They feature a single lever, which makes it easy to find the perfect water temperature, every time.

Laundry taps

A lot of dirty work is done in the laundry room – even when space is at a premium

Combining wall-installed tapware with the right size laundry tub maximises space in small areas without compromising style or function. The CLARK Cross Wall Sink Set provides plenty of room for washing out mop buckets, or rinising off muddy shoes on wet days.

Tap into your creative reno brain and track down a CLARK stockist near you today!