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5 Trends To Inspire Your 2022 Renovations!

We've all spent a whole heap of time at home the last couple of years. That room you used to just mindlessly throw your junk in because you didn't want to think about it? That's an office now. And that gorgeous sitting area with your mahogany bookcases and finest spirits? Welcome to home school. And how about that walk-in closet yoga studio you've built?!

So much time at home has given us all plenty of moments to think about what we can do to switch up our spaces – to make them more multifunctional to match the different ways we now use them. Well, it's 2022 and it's time to improve. And with reno costs soaring due to supply chain snafus, what better time to take matters into your own hands?

Here are five 2022 reno trends that will transform your space from hectic to heavenly.

1)  Your own private oasis

With the chaos of 2021, many of us are looking within ourselves (and our homes) when it comes to self-care these days.

One way you can make sure to treat yo'self to a bit of well-deserved relaxation is by adding a bit of form to the function of your bathroom.  A good place to start is by adding a freestanding bath. With their curved bodies, freestanding tubs can bring a sense of luxury to your space, elevating the look and feel of your bathroom for a more soothing soak (and who doesn’t love a home spa day?).

2)  Feel the freedom of a functional laundry

Don't be afraid to think big about small spaces in your home.

One of the best examples of this is creating a more functional laundry room, which can go a long way in keeping your home from getting too cluttered no matter how many people are working, studying, playing and living in it. Some quick, easy fixes can transform your space from a catch-all for clutter to a more usable area for the whole family.

A few simple shelves can help you take advantage of unused storage space on the laundry room walls. Rethinking the laundry tub by adding a more compact model with a cabinet can also free up some space for everything from hosting the drying rack to acting as a de facto mudroom housing everybody's shoes, coats and umbrellas.

3)  Kitchen efficiency (say that three times fast)

More hustle and bustle around the home can make keeping things clean in the kitchen a bit more challenging (and we mean that both practically and aesthetically).

Undermount kitchen sinks give you a chance to do both. Seamlessly sweep crumbs and other debris from the countertop into the basin for a quick tidy after meals, and enjoy a clean design. It's a win-win, really.

Enhance your efficiency even more with the help of some top-shelf kitchen accessories. For example, a stainless steel draining basket gives you flexible dish drying power. Or, when it's time to put on your chef's hat and whip up some magic in the kitchen, reclaim your bench space by turning your sink into its own prep space with a chopping board and colander that fits snugly into one of several of our sinks.

4)  Bringing the outdoors indoors

A little biophilia can heal ya.

Relax, it's not some hippy-dippy remedy we're shilling, but rather a concept built on the idea that we humans like to get in touch with nature and natural, living creatures. This idea will drive reno trends around the country this year, as people look to bring a more organic feel to their living spaces.

Green paint and indoor plants, as well as natural wood benchtops and doors, can all help us feel connected to the outside world no matter the time of day. If you do go with wood, one of those under-mount sinks we talked about will slot in nicely and let that natural grain sing.

5)  Embrace the hybrid hype

WFH is here to stay, friends, if not all the time then at least in some hybrid ways.

As more people embrace the beautiful benefits of not having to trudge into the office five days a week (can we get an Amen for comfy pants during video calls?), more will start calling various parts of the home an office.

Outside of converting an existing, underutilised room into a full-fledged work area, there are some tiny renos you can make to make other areas more work-ready. For example, we're seeing people put up some shelves and a small floating desk to turn unused wall space into a workstation. Or, adding a bit of kitchen storage elsewhere to better use bench space for work.

This is the year we'll get back on track, and it starts right at home with those renos you've been cooking up in your brain. Find out where you can buy Clark products today and get ready to get to work.