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It's easy being green: how to style your home with plants

Adding the right plants to your home can make your walls sing, your furniture pop and the inside feel like the outside. Ready to get growing? We've partnered with the plant professors at Plants In A Box to dig into some of their top picks and teach you how to integrate them into your style – and keep them alive.

What are the benefits of having plants in your home ?

First and foremost, plants look great on their own and can complement your furniture and furnishings. Just wait 'til you see how good a pot of greenery looks next to matte black tapware *chef's kiss*. Plants can also bring a taste of nature into your home, which is especially helpful when you're cooped up with work or it's too wet to go outside.

Unlike fancy pieces of art, plants can be a cost effective way to bring your home to life. You can fork out less for flora and have more money left to achieve your more extensive reno dreams.

Plants aren't just easy on the eyes and the wallet. They're also great for your body and mind. Research shows that indoor plants can improve mental health, including lowering stress and anxiety .

The best plants for your home

With a wide range of plants available in Australia, there is a plant that matches every plant parent’s skill level.

So even if you like to leaf the gardening to the pros 😉, or you've killed a couple of plants (or a few dozen), you can still fill your home with lucious leaves that don't require extensive knowledge or care. Here are a few options that suit everybody from newbie plant parents to more experienced carers.

Bathroom Plants

Things can get steamy in the bathroom, so you want plants that don't mind the humidity and don't need much natural light.

Plants In A Box’s Top Picks:

● Zanzibar (ZZ)

● Split-Leaf Philodendrons

● Pothos

Laundry plants

Your laundry can be oh-so-much more than a place to wash clothes if you bring a touch of style to it. And the right plants can help. Look for plants that don't need a lot of light.

Plants In A Box’s Top Picks:

● ZZ plants

● Cast Iron Plants

● Prayer Plant


When you want to add a fresh splash of colour to the kitchen, it can really pay to swap out the costly weekly market bouquets for longer-lasting indoor plants.

Plants In A Box’s Top Picks:

● Peace lily

● Anthurium

● Aloe Vera

Pro plant tips from Plants in a Box

Keep these pointers in mind to make sure your new additions stay happy and healthy.

Plant Styling Tips

When it comes to styling your plants:

Hang your plants: When styling smaller rooms, it's important to think vertically to maximise available space. For example, try hanging plants from CLARK shower screen hooks for an extra design element.

Stay away from clay in the Bathroom: While plants don't mind the humidity, it can lead to surface stains from clay pots. Plastic is a better option, and provides plenty of shape and colour customisability.

Plant Care Tips When it comes to caring for your plants:

Get to know your plant: It’s important to get the basics right. Every plant needs air, light and water. However, these needs vary from species to species. Plants In A Box’s digital Garden Coach makes finding this info easier, with step-by-step instructional guides.

Water in the washroom. Keep your plants hydrated and healthy in the bathroom. Give them a nourishing spray in your CLARK Round Rail II shower to remove dust and pesky pests. Or use your deep CLARK Square Wall Basin as a bottom watering arena.

Home for the holidays. When it's hols time, give your greenery a good bathtub or shower soak. Then leave them to drip and leak freely while you're away. The darker, cooler environment means water won't evaporate as quickly, either.

Check out Plants in a Box today to find some greenery for your home, and find a local CLARK stockist for all your reno needs!